SMALL Max 36”
MEDIUM Max 42”
LARGE Max 46”
X-LARGE Max 52”

Chest and hips

SMALL Max 40”
MEDIUM Max 43”
LARGE Max 46”
X-LARGE Max 48”
2 X-LARGE Max 51”

Ribcage and Hips

SIZE 1 (28”-34” ribcage/Hips max 40”)
SIZE 2 (34”- 40”ribcage/ Hips max 46”)

Hips and Chest

SIZE 1 chest and hips max 44”
SIZE 2 chest and hips max 48”
SIZE 3 chest and hips max 52”


X-SMALL Max 32”
SMALL Max 34”
MEDIUM Max 38”
LARGE Max 44”
X-LARGE Max 50”


X-SMALL Max 28”
SMALL Max34”
MEDIUM Max 38”
LARGE Max 42”
X-LARGE Max46”
2 X-LARGE Max 50”


SMALL Max 36”
MEDIUM Max 42”
LARGE Max 46”

One Size

1. Pick your Style from the tabs above

2. Measure yourself

Yáahl, Gúud, Tsai’s sizing is based on my shape and because I am the center of my universe (as Aphrodite was of hers), I am a Medium (even though, according to the Marilyn Monroe world of sizing I am a small, the Penthouse world of sizing I am a 0 and the Asian metric of sizing I am an extra large). So if you find comfort in thinking you know your size, stop now and get a tape measure *. As Aphrodite so beautifully demonstrates (she has invisible servants because she is a goddess)

Gyáa hlaa! Stand up!
Án hl k’wíidaa! Measure yourself!

  • Measure around your back and chest (including your breasts) for the CHEST measurement
  • Measure your rib cage right under your breasts for the RIBCAGE measurement
  • Measure your hips at their widest for the HIPS measurement

Note: it is vital you do not take what you discover personally. It is just a number.

3. Find your Size on the Style Guide!

Then click your heels together and repeat after me, “There is no place like me”, “There is no place like me”. Voila! You have arrived home in your perfect body!

4. Order your size!

G̱a káayaang hlaa! Jump up and down!

* (if you do not have a measuring tape, find a yardstick or 12″ ruler and measure off a 60″ piece of yarn or shoelace liquorish or toilet paper. Use this length to loop around your body at the designated spot for your style and mark the join with a knot or paper clip. Measure the distance from end to knot against the inches of your ruler or yardstick.)

Háw’aa. Thank you.

When it came to sizing her clothes, Aphrodite had it easy: “One goddess length of silk wrapped around my hips please!”.

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