Dakdakdíiyáa (Hummingbird)

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  • Dakdakdiiyaa Ts’uu Puffy K’uudáats’aay Hummingbird Red Cedar Puffy Coat $899.00

    G̱án ḵ’aldangáagang! It’s amazing! 

    Ts’úu íist uu tlaawhlgáagang. It’s made out of red cedar. The Puffy Coat has serious Japanese influence; simple, elegant, no unnecessary parts. No angry corners.  ‘Woven cedar’ printed on the coat exterior mimics cedar strips the Haida weave into clothing, baskets and hats.

    Áa uu G̱ántl íijang. Here is some water. The lining of the coat is G̱uhlahl/jade with clear dots to represent water bubbles.

    A Leonardo spine down the center back represents where we are all the same;  a talisman of strength.  Hlḵ’yáan ḵ’úst’aan Frog is printed on the collar and Dakdakdiiyaa Hummingbird is on the back.  Cuddly, washable, warm, two ties and you are off.

    Colour as shown. 

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