Gúud (Eagles)

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  • G̱úud Eagle Big Blouse $199.00

    A big canvas, virtually square, the G̱úud Eagle Big Blouse is designed to drape an image of G̱úud Gúujaawée Eagle Drum over your body. An ovoid shape (ubiquitous in Haida formline) brings colour around and over it. Through the translucence of the blouse, G̱úud Gúujaawée casts its shadow on your body within. The stretch sleeves keep the drape contained.

    Náang hlaa! Play! Pick the colour for your ovoid. Drum out the door!

  • G̱úud Eagle Kimono $225.00

    The Kimono is a cursory nod to the traditional Japanese kimono esthetic. The back is shape fitted yet the front can hang loose (a column of elegance), tied (a bow of delight) or wrapped around to the back (sleek and active).

    The most versatile structure in the Yáahl, Gúud, Tsai repertoire, the G̱úud Eagle Kimono is an easy adornment to dramatize a simple dress, give class to jeans or cover arms in the sun. Washable, dryable, packable, uncreasable. Take it with you wherever you go.

    Pair your G̱úud Gúujaawée Kimono with Dahlia Drive Dot Piano Pants.link A complete outfit!

    Ýánjuu hlaa! Travel!

  • G̱úud Eagle Piano Pants $299.00

    K’úunaay hl áangaa tlajuuhldáa! Change your pants!

    Wrap around Piano Pants are amazing. Wide legged pants emerged in the 40’s and strode through the 60’s and 80’s right through to today. Walking in these pants, the folds undulate vertically (piano keys) while the dots and G̱úud Eagle migrate the pleats superficially. So much to see, so little time.

    Easy to put on and adjustable at the ribcage, the pants fit snugly right under your breasts and then fan out in decadence. Translucent, the shadow of your legs can be seen below the starry sky dancing to the beat of the G̱úud Gúujaawée Eagle Drum.

    The pleats and dye are permanent. These pants can be washed and dried by machine! Wear over boy shorts, bathing suits or tights. Take big strides and feel the wind follow you. Flash some leg. Let your eagle drum play!

    Colour as shown.

  • G̱úud Eagle Smock $225.00

    The Smock, with its delicate triple collar, is simple, elegant and light. One button and you are ready to go.

    From the front, your silhouette can be seen through the printed scrim of hlG̱áhl/black brush strokes and resisted moons; a mysterious vision in the night sky. On the back, G̱úud Gúujaawée, Eagle Drum is printed with the sun (k’úuk/heart dot) reflected in the sky. As the smock swings, the pleat responds and Eagle Drum plays.

    Colour as shown. 

  • G̱úud Ts’uu Puffy K’uudáats’aay Eagle Red Cedar Puffy Coat $899.00

    G̱án ḵ’aldangáagang! It’s amazing! 

    Ts’úu íist uu tlaawhlgáagang. It’s made out of red cedar. The Puffy Coat has serious Japanese influence; simple, elegant, no unnecessary parts. No angry corners.  ‘Woven cedar’ printed on the coat exterior mimics cedar strips the Haida weave into clothing, baskets and hats.

    Áa uu G̱ántl íijang. Here is some water. The lining of the coat is G̱uhlahl/jade with clear dots to represent water bubbles.

    A Leonardo spine down the center back represents where we are all the same;  a talisman of strength.  Hlḵ’yáan ḵ’úst’aan Frog is printed on the collar and G̱úud (Eagle) is on the back.  Cuddly, washable, warm, two ties and you are off.

    Colour as shown. 

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